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ENHANCING the senses of,

in children



Brighter Minds is an educational initiative to equip every child with tools and methods to enhance cognitive functioning for achieving personal excellence, and instill confidence in oneself.


In today’s world, it is difficult to give children a chance to explore a natural environment and develop resonance with it. Diverse external stimulation and multiple distractions take them further and further away from their internal source of sensitivity and observation.

There is an increasing need to install a sense of confidence in themselves to effectively face the challenges of the complex environment around.

The SECRET du of the BRAIN

The mind of a child has immense potential, beyond the scope of our imagination!

From a spiritual perspective, children are at an advantage over us because of their innocence and the inherent simplicity in their thought and action. From a scientific perspective, they possess a significant strength as well. The neural networks in their brains are flexible and adaptable, with the potential to create new connections and grow in different directions. This is known as brain plasticity.

Both sides of the brain work at their optimal capacity when developed and exercised in equilibrium

In order to bring about a balance, the whole brain must be stimulated in childhood, while the plasticity of the brain can still be harnessed.


We, at Brighter Minds, believe that the pace of progress and specific areas of development are unique to each child.

We fine-tune our approach based on the sensitivity and responsiveness of each child. It is akin to coach a batch of children to play the game of cricket. Some children may become good batsman, and some may become excellent bowlers and a few may develop as all-rounders.

Similarly, here at Brighter Minds, we provide children with an opportunity to develop their right-brain skills and we encourage them to excel in unique and different ways.


Brighter Minds offers a training program based on theories and practical research on right-brain education to help children enhance their mental capabilities. 

Our program incorporates a series of interactive proprietary tools and techniques; and provides a learning environment based on joy, positivity, and love. We use a method to stimulate the intuitive capabilities of the brain by sending special vibrations through sound waves. Our specially designed proprietary music uses certain beat frequencies that help unlock the vast potential of the human brain.

The Alpha Program is an 8 week program. We have 2 consecutive sessions in the first week and 7 follow up sessions. The Alpha Program requires a total of 30 hours.


Improve Concentration and Memory


Learn a Practical Way to Relax the Mind and bring it to an Alpha State

Enhance Intuitive and Cognitive Capabilities

Rejuvenate Senses of Observation and Comprehension

Increase Emotional Stability and Balance

Enhance Creativity and Imagination

Instill Self Confidence


“Brighter Minds was a wonderful opportunity for my son to develop his senses and his self-control.

He felt so special wearing the t-shirt and showing us his skills. My favourite part was that it gave my son a language to use when describing feelings and joy, he seemed more reflective.  I see now that he is more able to control his frustration, and more able to negotiate or ignore situations that don’t go as he had hoped.

I loved how friendly the teachers were.  They really care for the children, and you feel like they really get to know them.”

Talley Lyn Sjoberg Varney QSI, ECC Coordinator/School Counselor, Feb 2018

“My daughter Clarisse (6) attended Brighter Minds program and I can see great changes in her behaviour.

She gained self-confidence, her memory and concentration skills developed to a high level. Her creativity increased and as well as her sensory skills. She enjoyed going back to the center for the program every time!

More than that I have really enjoyed the teachers approach a lot and their ability to encourage and motivate the kids, always speaking with them in nice and respectful manner. I definitely recommend this program to all the parents and their kids: for it will be a present for a life time.”

Geraldine Triadou, President of “Bratislava Accueil” Sept 2017

“I recommend the program to all the parents, as it opens another door to everyone child’s potential.

Both of my sons (6 & 9) joined the Brighter Minds program at the same time and they have really enjoyed it from the very beginning. Both of them used to be a little shy, but their sense of self and their social skills gradually improved as the program went along. They have mainly enjoyed the group dynamic and the programs activities. My younger son especially enjoyed the blindfold games and he got very good at them. He was able to recognize colors of different objects with his eyes closed. And it is because his senses and his mind was so open, that such a things made possible. It is still the most interesting to me!

Adda Ilie, Simon and Filips mom, Lenovo (Bratislava)