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‘Brighter Minds’ (BM) is a unique whole brain wellness program offered by the ‘Cognitive Skills Private Limited’, Bangalore which aims at enhancing the sensory perceptions and cognitive functions of the brain for children.

The theory and the training modules of the BM program are based on the research and inputs from the latest scientific developments in relation to brain functions and education.

 What is cognitive function?

Cognitive function is process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. It encompasses processes such as knowledge, attention, memory, judgment and evaluation, reasoning and computation, problem solving and decision making, comprehension and language etc.

Can there be enhancement of brain cognitive functions, more than what we are born with?

Yes, as per the studies in the field of Neurosciences there is theory of Neuroplasticity, which means that brain structures and the brain itself can repair, regenerate or change in response to a stimuli. These stimuli can be sensory, motor, cognitive or emotional. “Neuro” stems from Neuron, which means brain cells and “Plasticity” is the quality of being easily shaped or molded.

What are the various interventions and activities adopted by the Brighter Minds program to improve cognitive functions?

Based on the research, following are few activities conducted for the children during the BM program.

  • Exercises to increase the ability of brain to regenerate neurons
  • Left and right brain synchronization exercises
  • Exposure to Brain waves oscillation Music to enhance brain connections
  • Eyeball exercises to enhance the neuronal circuits
  • Activities for sensory augmentation
  • Enriched learning environment

How do these interventions actually help in enhancing the cognitive functions of the brain?

Specific activities or interventions and their effects on neuroplasticity have been well established.

In BM, the eyeball exercises and hand coordination exercises are used to enhance the neuronal circuits between the right and left hemisphere, which are connected to each other by a brain structure called Corpus Callosum thereby enhancing overall brain functions.

The process of making the brain waves oscillate with the help of an outside stimulus is called “Entrainment” and certain auditory beats are used for this purpose. Extremely low-frequency music can stimulate and enhance the brain connections. Using the process of entrainment the brain waves are brought to alpha and theta states which is better adapted for learning and memory.

By encouraging the participants to be involved in activities that mask one’s sensory input, we are indirectly encouraging them to use other sensory inputs that are still unmasked and working, and in that way develop their perceptual and intuitive ability.

Specially designed physical exercises stimulate Neurogenesis, the ability of the brain to regenerate neurons. Exercise also enhances production of glutathione which is major antioxidant in all our cells, protecting brain cells against free radical damage.

There is growing evidence to suggest that relaxation techniques help in stress, anxiety and pain management. Exercises can bring alterations in brain function and cortical thickness, and decrease the aging of the brain.

The Brighter Minds model integrates various techniques and the learning environment to stimulate Neuroplasticity and brain wave changes that result in enhanced brain cognitive abilities and efficiency.

How will my child express the enhanced cognitive functions and how will it help in their life?

Above Interventions produces changes in brain structures through neuroplastic processes such as increase in neurons, new synaptic connections, unmasking dormant synaptic connections, stronger left and right connections and sensory augmentation. Alpha-theta states of brain waves are known to enhance learning, memory retention and unlock intuitive skills.

As a result, BM program will develop

Enhanced Observational skills – Enhancing the ability to stay focused as well as increased attention time-span.

Inspires Creativity – Helping the child in thinking out of the box, problem solving and staying ahead.

Power of Intuition – Improved perceptivity and intuition helps in dealing with complex situations and ambiguities.

Increases self-confidence –Helps decision making in stressful and demanding environment.

Develops habit of excellence – Making child perform to full potential.

Loving Heart – Living Life of Human values.

Why this program is only for children?

A child’s brain during formative years is more plastic (moldable) than that of an adult and hence offers greater opportunities for development and change. This is already studied extensively and hence we currently focus on children.


What is the duration of Brighter Minds Alpha program?

Alpha program is a fun filled 30 hrs program distributed over 8 weekends.

Why do you call it a ‘Gift for a Lifetime’?

We spend lot of money and effort to buy gifts for our children, which gives them happiness and joy for certain length of time which is mostly short-lived. Brighter Minds gives the child this unique gift of ‘Enhanced capacity of brain to acquire knowledge, understand and apply to solve problems throughout their Life.’

We always look for Gift which is outside. But this program will unlock the Gift which is hidden inside each and every child. Just think, how better equipped your child will be for future life with this new found Gift which can only be given to children.